Seminar: Transition Strategies for Buyers and Sellers

A seminar for dentists who are contemplating a practice transition, presented by the Almonte Fallago Group

"Transition Strategies for Buyers and Sellers"

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This seminar is designed for the dentist contemplating a practice transition in the next five years. It is important for:

  1. a dentist thinking about retirement and selling his practice.
  2. the busy dentist looking to take on a partner.
  3. the senior dentist thinking about retiring and withdrawing from a group practice.
  4. the young dentist hoping to buy a practice or become a partner.

Seminar Leader: Jean Fallago, JD, LLM, President of Almonte Fallago Group
Guest Speaker: Caitlin O'Rourke, Sales Manager, Bank of America Practice Solutions

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Selling or Buying a Practice

Key topics include:

  • When is the right time to sell? (Proper timing means better dollars.)
  • What is your practice really worth?
  • Should you use a broker?
  • How the seller can reduce the tax impact.
  • How the buyer can maximize tax deductions.
  • Should the seller finance the sale? If so, how to assure seller payment.
  • What happens to seller’s corporation at retirement?
  • Real estate: should the seller sell or lease? Should the buyer buy or lease?
  • How to continue funding pension plans from sale proceeds.

Taking in an Associate, becoming a Partner, or withdrawing as a Partner

Key topics include:

  • Planning strategy - picking the best exit strategy for you.
  • How do you know if you need an associate?
  • How should an associate be compensated?
  • How do you sell or buy an interest in a partnership?
  • How to determine value of partnership interests.
  • How to create equitable compensation and profit split formulas among partners.
  • How to avoid difficulty in attracting new partners upon a partner‘s withdrawal.
  • How to continue funding pension plans from sale proceeds.
  • How selling partner can obtain cash at closing.
  • How to avoid major blunders in partnership buy out documents.

Here’s what a few prior attendees had to say about this seminar:

“Outstanding information. Extremely well presented.”
J. David Laughlin, DDS | Woodstock, VT

“The seminar provided a model arrangement for a partnership that is fair to both dentists.”
Ralph S. Guercio, DDS | Merimack, NH

“This seminar was packed with information on all aspects of practice transitions. It was an enjoyable day.”
Kelly A. Chase, DMD | Ludlow, MA

Please call the Almonte Fallago group at 866-211-9602 to register, or email us at We hope you can join us to learn more about "Transition Strategies for Buyers and Sellers".