Medicare Part D Prescriber enrollment delayed again until January 2019

By Maria Tatman, CPC, Terri Bradley Consulting

As many of you may recall in early 2014 many dental providers were surprised by CMS’s final rule requiring dentists/physicians who prescribe medications for Medicare beneficiaries to enroll in or opt out of Medicare. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have had multiple target enforcement deadlines since 2014. The most recent, prior to the November 1, 2016 announcement, was to become effective February 1, 2017. This latest news indicates that CMS will delay the enforcement date yet again, making the new date of enforcement January 1, 2019.

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You’ve got your CE planned for the year, but what about your team?

Finding and retaining a top dental team requires a huge investment in both time and resources, but it is also key to your practice’s long-term success and profitability. When it comes to continuing education for those valuable team members, however, what often happens is this… the doctor takes Cerec, E4D, implant courses, and will sometimes take their assistant, but does nothing to train the rest of the team.

Plan Like A Pro: Calendar Tips for 2016

It's mid-year and although we are all seeking as much summer fun as possible, now is also the time to start making plans for next year, which unbelievably, is only a few months away! The question is, with your hygiene schedule already filling up, do you have a framework set up to support the rest of your practice for the coming year?

Annuities and Your Retirement: What every dentist who wants to retire one day needs to know

One of the most common issues I come across in many of my consulting relationships has to do with questions surrounding retirement, specifically: How much should I be saving? How much can I save? (Ie, what are the legal and tax restrictions?) What kind of retirement income do I want, or need? What is the best retirement package or plan for me and my family?

Part 1: The New Dentist’s 5-Minute Guide to creating a Year One online marketing plan that is realistic, understandable, and won’t break the bank

To say that new dentists, or dentists who have been hesitant to enter into the online arena, face a myriad of challenges when opening their first practice is an understatement. The decisions are endless and the choices are often confusing. Should I do this? Or that? How much should I spend, and on what?

16 Easy & Fun Ideas for Facebook Posts for Your Dental Practice

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today, with more than 400 million -- and growing -- registered users. This is good news for you and your practice because it means many of your existing (and potential) patients are already there. In terms of your online presence and visibility, Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn now compete on an almost equal basis with your website for Google visibility, ie the factors that Google considers when ranking your practice highly for a particular keyword or phrase.

Social Media in Dentistry ... It's a New Way of Life

Social media is a new dental marketing frontier with astonishing opportunities. Like it or not, social media is here to stay and it will continue to modernize the way people connect and do business. Think about it, over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old and that generation lives and breathes by technology. Today, digital reputations mean everything. Its impact on the dental industry and the dental practice in particular is still not completely understood mainly because of the lack of data.

What can a dental consultant do for you?

All successful businesses have coaches. Accountants coach you in your tax responsibilities, lawyers coach you in your legal responsibilities and consultants coach you in the management of systems, teams and making the vision in your head become a reality in regards to your practice. Most doctors hire a dental consultant because they have a concern with what’s going on or not going on in their practice. Other doctors hire a dental consultant to assist with the transition of adding an associate dentist and/or creating partnership, planning an exit strategy, buying/selling, relocating or starting their practice from day one

Do you have a strong financial plan in place?

Doctor, do you have a financial plan in place for 2011? If not, the first quarter of the year is a great time to make a start, and answer some important questions. For instance, do you know what to expect in terms of income and expenses? How many days you will work? Whether or not you will finally be able to afford that new equipment you've been wanting for so long? If not, please call me to schedule a planning session during which we'll answer these questions and more. Give yourself the gift of a New Year not only with less stress but with more confidence in where you are heading, and how you'll get there.