The Basics of Successful Treatment Planning

Wouldn’t it be nice if treatment planning was just about presenting the best treatment for each patient! But of course it’s not. Successful treatment planning involves everyone in your practice, from the person who first speaks to the patient on the phone, to the clinical team, to the Financial Coordinator, to Scheduling Coordinator… it’s a total team effort!

Come to this workshop prepared to take a realistic look (through chair-side role playing in a small group) at how you, and others, really ‘present the case.’ Are you projecting clinical ability, or are you building trust? (The best answer, of course, is ‘both’.) What is your Assistant’s role? Is everyone on your team on the ‘same page’ when it comes to:

    * new instruments and equipment
    * room turnover
    * documentation
    * how to answer questions
    * preparing a work-able financial pan
    * making follow-up phone calls
    * a recare plan?

In other words, are you doing everything you can be and should be to avoid your patients feeling ‘buyer’s remorse" and calling to cancel their treatment?

Many doctors are well-trained in treatment planning, but not necessarily in securing the patient ‘buy in’. Don’t make this common mistake. This workshop will show you a better way!