Practice Valuations

A practice valuation (or appraisal) is a key step -- perhaps the most important step -- in the practice transition process.

As a seller, establishing an accurate estimation of value will help you realize a fair financial reward for years of hard work and dedication. As a buyer, considerations such as value, affordability, and practice potential are critical to your decision-making process, including the basics -- what you can, and should, offer.

Amy and her professional Associates include the following steps in their preparation of a fair and accurate practice valuation:

  • a detailed look at the practice numbers.
  • a close analysis of all areas of the practice, including staff, equipment, facility, systems, marketing and technology. 
  • a complete and thorough evaluation of practice 'intangibles'.
  • the application of industry standard formulas to arrive at fair market values.
  • If needed, consult with lawyer and broker to discuss options.

It's vital to employ experts with knowledge and experience in the field of practice valuations to ensure a positive end result for all. Contact Amy today with questions, or to discuss your practice valuation needs.