Oh No! It’s the "R" Word!

"R" meaning relationships. The kind you need to have with your staff in order to best utilize their skills and experience, and to ensure they understand your vision for your practice, its success and their success. Think of it as old-fashioned communication.

For instance, are you holding morning huddles? If so, are they working well, or are they unproductive? Are your staff meetings pleasant and result-oriented, or are they ‘gripe sessions’ where only one or two people contribute? Are you conducting regular employee evaluations? If so, do you know how to make them a win-win situation that gives you the chance to set clear, achievable goals for each employee?

Documentation 101

Related issues in this workshop address the important issue of documentation. Hear what information should be documented, and how you document so the next person in the patient hand-off knows what’s been done today and what will be done next time.

Often, doctors and staff members document for themselves only, not considering the needs of the office and patient as a whole. It’s a common mistake that’s easy to make, and even easier to fix! Attend this workshop and find out how.