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The results of the analysis are designed to reveal talents, attributes or problems that otherwise would go undetected. When aptitude, personality and job-match assessments are combined with resumes, interviews and reference checking, the hiring success rate can increase to 75 percent.

With each assessment, a report is provided containing information about how well the candidate matches your needs. The report includes candidate and/or staff member information related to:

  • Primary personality attributes
  • Communication style
  • Leadership style
  • Conscientiousness
  • Motivational needs
  • Primary motivators
  • Primary de-motivators
  • Decision making style
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Environmental / role adjustments
  • Stress level and energy level

Based on the degree of matching, the report will also provide specific behavior-based interview questions to ask that will help determine if the candidate's degree of adaptability will make them a good match for the job and the practice.

The end result is a comprehensive analysis of factors leading to compatibility, performance, ability to adapt, and likelihood of job success.

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