Effective Fee Balancing 

"Just tell me what the others are charging and I'll set my own fees."

Have you ever said, or thought, that. If so, you could be making a huge mistake for your practice. Fee balancing is not about what ‘feels right’ or what the guy down the road is charging. It’s about knowing what it costs to run your practice, knowing what changes are occurring in the insurance industry that directly affect you, and it’s about the consequences of NOT balancing your fees correctly in terms of:

--  lost productivity
-- decreased profitability

Common questions that come up:

-- Blast codes

-- Office codes

-- CDT codes

How and when to use them.

A great workshop for the doctor and financial coordinator to attend together. 

Correct Coding

Thousands of dollars a year can be ‘lost’ in your practice due to incorrect or outdated coding. And no wonder – CDT codes are now revised every two years, making it absolutely essential to stay on top of changes, additions, deletions and revisions.

Do you and your team use these codes correctly? The insurance company can only quote how the policy is written and not what treatment to use. Does your practice fall victim to being led to use a code for payment by the insurance rather than for provided treatment? Is adequate training in place, or are you just ‘assuming’ that everyone in your office knows what they need to know?

Attend this seminar and find out the common mistakes every practice needs to know, and how to avoid or correct them.