Case Presentation: How to Help Your Patients Say "Yes"

In an ideal world, every patient would listen to what you say about proposed treatment for them or a family member, and respond, "Yes, of course that’s what we’ll do." If that is NOT happening for you on a consistent basis, do you know why? In this workshop we will discuss these questions, and more:

  • Do you know what you NEED to say to the patient, as well as what you WANT to say?
  • What visual tools are you using?
  • How are you ‘presenting’ yourself?
  • How do you close the sale? (And yes, it is a sale.)
  • How do you keep your staff members informed of what you are discussing with your patients?

Great clinical skills can go under-utilized if effective presentation skills are not present as well. Attend this workshop and see how you can ‘fine tune’ yourself to greater case acceptance in just a few hours.