Exit strategies

If you are a doctor who is 45+, chances are good you have already begun to think about your exit strategy. Your goal may be to retire in 5, 10 or 15+ years, so what should you be doing NOW to make that happen? For instance, will you:

  • Put more $ into retirement?
  • Buy new equipment for a potential new owner?
  • Start to cut back on your schedule? (Three days a week by 2015, for instance.)  
  • Bring in a new associate and put a buy-out plan in place?
  • Organize a practice valuation to establish current value and future potential? (You want to know what the value is today, before a potential partner comes on board.)

Without a well-thought-out exit strategy in place, the potential for disappointment skyrockets. Don't let that happen to you!   


Does your practice need a broker? The answer is yes if you are interested or involved in: selling your practice, finding a buyer, establishing a price, evaluating equipment and staff, negotiating terms (of sale and/or employment, if taking on an Associate), just to name a few. 

Amy and her professional associates understand that long-term and successful transactions and relationships are always win-win. If your practice is in need of help with any of these vitally important issues, contact Amy or Jean Fallago of the Alamonte-Fallago Group to discuss your needs and how best to ensure success.