Part 3: Keys to maximizing your practice value: equipment & decor

Most buyers prefer to utilize newer equipment and digital technologies in their practices. Therefore, practices that have digital radiography and chair-side computers tend to sell quicker and at a higher price than their counterparts.

Also, first impressions are important, so practices that do not have a positive “curb appeal” when buyers walk in the door for the first time can lose value and take longer to sell. It is imperative to have a long-term plan for keeping your equipment and facility up-to-date.

The more time you have until the practice sale, the easier it will be to garner a sufficient return on investment from purchasing new equipment and updating office decor.  

We recommend that you upgrade your equipment and décor no less than three years prior to selling your practice in order to assure that you will recover your costs of updating. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do a complete overhaul of the office but simply make investments in the practice to keep it up to date.