Do I need to upgrade my technology if I am thinking of selling?

Most buyers prefer to utilize new equipment and digital technologies in their practices, as well as chair-side computers.  The more time you have until the practice sale, the easier it will be to garner a sufficient return on your investment in newer technology and updates on your facility.   
Although I don't recommend a complete overhaul of your office from an investment perspective, 'curb appeal' is important and can make the difference between a higher price and a quicker sale.  You should have the basic for technology in your practice and your office décor should flow.  It shouldn't look like each room was added on with different textures and colors.  
Remove  the clutter, discard outdated and old carts, shelving and unmatched furniture.  Giving the office and the wood molding a fresh coat of paint and selecting a color that is in the current palate of choices will go a long way in creating a good impression.  Look at your ceiling tile, remove and replace stained ceiling tiles.  Make sure your lights are all working and replace light bulbs.   
Have any ripped chairs re-upholstered and you may need to replace the flooring in the operatories.  This small investment will be well worth it.  Have your equipment representative provide you with some feedback on updating some of your technology on a modest level.