Continuing Education is Not Just for the Doctor

Making sure you are up to date on cutting edge materials and technology is a must in today’s dental industry. But do you invest the same training in your team?  The team needs to understand how to properly utilize the technology; otherwise you are throwing money down the drain.
Since the majority of you reading this live in the New England area, this is the perfect opportunity to remind you that the time is quickly approaching for the Yankee Dental Congress.  Over the years we’ve heard more and more doctors say that they will be going but their team does not want to go.  It saddens us to hear this because the Yankee Dental Congress is a fantastic opportunity for continuing education and skill enhancement that is happening practically in your back yard. 

Continuing education is not an option- it’s a MUST for every employee and business owner.  Many offices have continuing education built into their budget and inform ALL team members when hired that continuing education is part of the job requirement.  Let’s face it, expensive equipment, practice management software, HIPAA, OSHA all requires a well-trained team to implement and maintain the changes required to support a profitable business model.

We’re not just referring to your clinical team; your administrative team needs to be in the loop as well.  Last year there were more courses than ever for administrative team members yet many of the team members told us they weren’t going to Yankee or any other continuing education courses because “it had nothing to do with them”.  Continuing education is not just for license and certification credits—it’s for your business’ livelihood!

If you’re a practice that has not provided or expected your team to enhance their skills, now is the time!

By now, you should have received the Yankee Dental program book in the mail, if you have not, give them a call and request a book.  There are some amazing speakers and topics that you won’t want to miss.  Early registration ends November 12th, so you and your team should look through the book and select courses.  You should discuss your plans at your next team meeting and your schedule should already be blocked off for those dates so you don’t have to move any patients.

Below are some courses that we think would benefit any practice:

  • 526RL Flight Plan: Checklists (Hygienists)
  • 201TL  Ready, Set, Grow  (Assistants)
  • 645SL Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry-2013 Update
  • 636SW You Cannot NOT Communicate (Everyone)
  • 644SL Updates in CEREC Dentistry (Doctors)
  • 494RW Extraordinary Service: A dental Necessity (Everyone)
  • 618SL The Ceramic Update in Esthetic Dentistry (Doctors)
  • 509RL Stop Cancellations: A Team Approach (Everyone)
  • 476RL The High-Tech Paperless Office (Everyone)
  • 143TW The Dental Auxiliary’s Recipe for Patient Acceptance (Assistants)

As always there are courses to learn about the unique features in your practice management software, remember your software has updates every year.  You and your team should have regular training, webinars and self-teaching sessions so everyone on your team is current on this valuable business/practice tool:

  • 145TW SoftDent Practice Management Software
  • 146TW PracticeWorks Practice Management Software
  • 147TW Dentrix-Henry Schein Practice Solutions
  • 148TW Eaglesoft, A Patterson Company

If you have questions regarding courses for your team in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us or go to

Amy and Michelle will be available at the Yankee Dental Congress to meet with you.  As you know it is a very busy time for all of us, so please call ahead to schedule a time to meet.  We look forward to seeing you and your team!