What a Dental Consultant can do for you

All successful businesses have coaches.  Accountants coach you in your tax responsibilities, lawyers coach you in your legal responsibilities and consultants coach you in the management of systems, teams and making the vision in your head become a reality with regard to your practice. Most doctors hire a dental consultant because they have a concern with what’s going on, or not going on, in their practice. Other doctors hire a dental consultant to assist with the transition of adding an associate dentist and/or creating a partnership, planning an exit strategy, buying/selling, relocating or starting their practice from day one. 

Dentists go to school to learn how to do dentistry, even today; there are very few schools that have a curriculum on managing a business or managing a team. There is so much more that goes into running a dental practice than just seeing patients, and most of that is unrealized until you become the "business owner".  You need to keep in mind that clinical skills alone will not bring your practice to the next level. 

Being a dentist and a business owner is very different from being an associate that just goes in, produces dentistry and leaves.  Business owners must be thinking about today and the future, employer compliance law, effective team and systems management, managing costs, marketing, developing a skilled team, and having a plan that supports your vision and the productivity and success of your practice going forward.

Having a coach that can show you how to make your vision a reality is now more important than ever.

As we are quickly approaching the end of the third quarter, this is the perfect time to take a look at what you have accomplished on your own so far this year.  What are your plans for 2012 and what is in place to guarantee that you achieve those goals?

As consultants, these are some things that we think you should consider as you develop your plan for the upcoming year:

  • Have the right coaches to make your vision a reality—add a dental consultant.
  • Budget—Do you know how much it will cost to run your practice and take a paycheck both now and in 2012?
  • Is your house in order? Are your systems set up and managed properly to give you the ROI you require?
  • Does your team know what is expected of them and are they properly trained to support your vision?
  • Does your new patient flow support your practice growth both in volume and retention?
  • Do you and your team know how to analyze your reports and make the changes necessary to stay on track with your plans?
  • Do you know how to protect yourself from fraud?
  • Is your practice in compliance with the HIPAA HITECH Act?

If this has Tip has raised questions, or you would like to learn more, we offer a one hour, no obligation call to address your specific issues and concerns. Please call or e-mail us at 508-697-7318 or info@amysmith.biz.