DentistryIQ Thursday Troubleshooter: "I can't have my hours cut!"

QUESTION: I recently accepted a dental office manager position at an office that had not had a manager. On my third day during my newly implemented morning huddle, one of the front staff members blurted, "Is the doctor going to cut my hours, because I can't have my hours cut, I need 40 hours." I said, "Have you not been getting your hours? I was told you all are overtime and I’ve been asked to fix that."

Part 2: The New Dentist's 5-Minute Guide to a Year One Online Marketing Campaign that is realistic, understandable and won’t break the bank!

Things you should not spend money on: 1. Paying to be “#1 on Google” Of course you want your practice to rank well when it comes to search engine results. Being on the first page (usually that means the top10) is important, and you should strive to do that, but be careful of companies that simply promise to make you “#1 on Google”, for a price (usually high).

Reinvent and revitalize your practice with 3D-guided implantology

One of my responsibilities as a dental consultant is to make sure my clients are aware of emerging trends and technologies which may, or will, impact their future profitability. Often this means setting goals and plans in place that require change, and change is never easy, but then again, it's never optional either. One of the most significant trends happening in general dentistry today is the significant shift toward GP's placing dental implants, and the impact this will have on them, their teams, and their practices.

How NOT to commit dental insurance fraud!

Did you know that when the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was finalized in 2003, one of the standards was Electronic Transactions and Code Sets. In short, you can only bill for the procedure you actually performed. Makes perfect sense, right? Then why are so many dental practices committing insurance fraud?

Embezzlement: Yes, it can happen to you!

The potential for embezzlement is a problem that no business is immune to! The American Dental Association has done studies that suggest the probability of a dentist being a victim of embezzlement or theft in their career is 50-60%. This statistic tends to be low because there is a large amount of embezzlement that never is detected, or if detected action is not taken.

Make the Time and Tap Into Your Resources

As dentists, you have a variety of materials, tools, resources and people available to assist you in all phases of your practice. Just having them available is not enough… you actually have to use them. Many of you have recently attended the Yankee Dental Congress Meeting in Boston, I’m sure you took some courses, met with some vendors, chatted with some colleagues and old college friends. What happens when you get back to your office? Do you implement what you learned; follow up with the vendors you requested information or demos from? Or do you just go about your day like you normally do?

The importance of team meetings and team training

Do you and your team have regular team meetings to keep you motivated and focused? I have heard many team members and doctors alike say that teams meetings are a waste of time because they get out of control and become “gripe” sessions. Sound familiar? In some cases that is true, but if you have an agenda and some structure to your meetings then this should not happen.